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How to Make the Switch to Fewer, Better Things

Our consumer culture gives us endless messaging that we should want more stuff. For most people, this mindset has become second-nature and we live in a time when it has never been easier to purchase things. As a minimalist who has been through the cycles of purchasing and purging, I wanted to share some tips about how to become a more mindful consumer. I’ve learned over time to make the switch towards living with less and only invest in quality items when I do make a purchase.

Donate, donate, donate.

My first tip is to lean into the word “fewer.” This starts at home, by removing anything that isn’t functional or beautiful. By owning less, the items you do cherish and use begin to shine. Spaces in your home will feel more like “you.” Removing stuff you bought or were given that you no longer need (or never needed in the first place) can also serve as a lesson to avoid falling into the trap of mindless consumption. Let that sink in as you get rid of unnecessary clutter.

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Mute marketing.

Almost everywhere you turn, someone is selling something. Especially with the approach of the holidays, the noise is about to get really loud. Give yourself a mental head start by unsubscribing from brand emails, unfollowing or muting brands or influencers on social media, and putting catalogs directly in the recycle bin.

Take a shopping pause.

Go a step further and stop buying non-essentials for a set time period – maybe a month or even two. Repeat this mantra, “I have enough.”

I have taken a shopping pause multiple times over the last ten years. It’s enormously helpful to just know that you are not going to consume anything. Chances are high you will begin to feel more content and grateful for the things you do own. I promise a huge mental space will open up because you aren’t constantly on the hunt for the next purchase. Instead of using shopping as a hobby, do something that is more life-giving, like reading a book, baking, doing yoga, going on walks.

Shop better brands.

Elevate your style by starting to shop from brands that are using higher quality materials. This will mean you may need to save up for an item or buy only one item instead of five. That is ok! In my experience, purchases like this tend to have more staying power in your home and will hold up over time. I have noticed that shopping from smaller brands is a much more enjoyable experience compared with big box stores.

If you have a tight budget, begin to shop secondhand. I often search for better brands on Poshmark or Thredup and find like-new items for a discounted price. I also am ok waiting for a sale to buy a piece I really love.

A few of my favorite brands shown above: Everlane, Raen, Clare V. & Loeffler Randall.

Always use a shopping list.

I keep a short wishlist of things I would like to add so I can shop with intention. Gone are the days of throwing random home decor pieces to my Target cart or shopping at the mall for whatever catches my eye. Using a list helps me to shop strategically and spend less money overall.

I like to keep lists for my kids and husband as well. When they mention something they would like, I will jot it down on a list I keep in my planner. Then when it’s time to shop for Christmas and birthday gifts, I have specific items I know they would love to unwrap.


By using these 5 tips, your home will transform into a less cluttered, more purposeful space you love to use. It will also help you break the cycle of buying and decluttering. And did you notice? These strategies can also help you to spend less money and find more time to do something you really love!

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Lindsey is an Indiana-based blogger who writes about everyday style and simplicity. She loves pizza, yoga, novels, and a great pair of jeans.