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    10 Fun Summer Things

    We’re in the middle of a Midwest heat wave, with a sprinkler slowly oscillating in our yard every morning and a daily reviving of parched blue hydrangeas. The kids and I have spent most of our days at the pool, where they can now spend hours at a time (and carry their own towels!) – a different season from the toddler and baby years, for sure. I try to avoid turning on our oven at all costs to keep our house cool, and a top priority has been making sure we are all well-stocked with fresh library books for summer reading. In the spirit of lazy summer days, I wanted…

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    5 Ways to Make Your Closet More “You”

    Recently, I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning and decluttering as we change seasons, and I realized there are a few subtle shifts I’ve made in my closet to make it feel more “me.” Clothes are one way we can choose to express ourselves and that can be really fun and freeing. However, I think we have all had days when we ended up wearing an outfit that just felt off. While going about the day, the discomfort of wearing something that didn’t fit or feel good can be draining. I know I have tried out more than a few trends that ended up wearing me – instead of the…

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    Winter Wardrobe | Snow Boots

    A few months ago, I spent a decent chunk of time researching a wardrobe addition that not only needed to have form, but also function – a new pair of snow boots. In today’s post I wanted to share the pair of boots I ended up ordering (and loving) and how I narrowed down to the right pair for me. Having used these boots during a ski trip and while shoveling and walking our neighborhood in a recent winter storm, I can reliably tell you that these are great boots. To start, I should admit that a year ago, I ordered the wrong pair of boots. They were waterproof but…

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    Ten Neutral Fall Basics

    Yesterday’s walk to school was full of dark, moody clouds and cooler temps in the 60s and 70s. It’s the time to start a transition in my wardrobe from summer basics towards fall. Today I want to share ten items that create a solid foundation for a fall wardrobe. These are the pieces I wear most often, and they are timeless options that won’t go out of style quickly. When dressing for fall, I am often an outfit repeater. I like to wear the same silhouette, like a tee and sweater with jeans or a fleece with leggings, daily. It feels good and requires little fuss. Because fall can fluctuate…

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    Ten Neutral Summer Basics

    Last weekend, I listened to a Tedx talk called the Ten-Item Wardrobe about an American college student spending a semester in Paris. During her months abroad, she realized French women own a very streamlined, small closet of quality basics. They repeat their outfits often and rely on a consistent uniform. I’d highly recommend listening to her story and how it changed her own view of style. It was a source of inspiration as I’ve been slowly decluttering in my own home this month. Less is more! I started editing my own wardrobe to remove outliers I don’t really wear and quickly realized that during the summer months when layering isn’t…

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    How to Create a Cohesive Closet

    In my twenties, my closet was a hot mess. Shopping the sale rack without a list meant I brought home anything that caught my eye – aka the loudest, most bedazzled clothes. Nothing went together, and I would stand in front of my closet each morning trying to come up with creative outfits for my job as a teacher. Often there would be multiple pieces scattered on the floor by the time I left. Over the years, I’ve learned to simplify and have slowly shifted to a more cohesive closet built around basics and mostly neutrals that work together. The added benefit is that I can now get quickly everyday,…

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    How to Successfully Clean Out Your Closet

    Have you ever tried to declutter your closet only to end up with a bigger mess than you started with? I’m here to help, friend. Today’s post is all about helping you get to the finish line – to a closet that is streamlined and efficient with clothes you love to wear everyday. “Less is more” is one of my favorite mantras, and I truly believe it applies to our wardrobes. Most of us wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. The purpose of an annual closet clean out is to help you remove the excess so you can see, organize, and enjoy the clothes which are worth…

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