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Book Series My Kids Love to Read

If you’re looking for some fresh book inspiration for elementary kids, I’m happy to share several series my older kids (who are 8 and 7) have happily been swept up in. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that when a book ends, the story will continue and you can just pick up the next volume and keep reading. These series are especially for kids who are past the early reader stage, although you could read them aloud to a younger reader as well. Wrap one up as a birthday gift this year, since they are great for reading over and over.

Not pictured, but the kids also loved The Penderwicks, Tuesdays at the Castle series, and of course, Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia.

You can find these books and more of our favorite suggestions in my Amazon Shop. Happy reading!

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  • Laura D.

    My third-grade son also LOVES the Mysterious Benedict Socity books! Another good one is the Expeditioners series by S.S. Taylor, about a team of siblings going on adventures to learn about their parents’ past.

    Thanks for this list–we will have to check out some of the others!

  • Brittany Thurman

    Great list! My almost 7 year old has been SWEPT UP by The Wilderking Series… Barknof the Bog Owl is the first book. Wow wow wow

  • Whitney

    Hi Lindsey! We started the Wingfeather series at your recommendation and my daughter loves it. Another to consider is the Birchbark series by Louise Erdrich. It’s a great companion to read alongside the Little House series, as it is told from the perspective of the Ojibwe people. It provides an interesting contrast to how Indigenous people are portrayed in the Little House books, which unfortunately reflect the prejudice of the time period in which they were written. My daughter loved both series and it sparked some great conversation! ❤️

    • Lindsey Kubly

      Thank you so much for sharing, Whitney! We’ve listened to the audiobook of the Birchbark House this winter, and my kids really loved the story, and we’re going to continue on with the series this year. I agree that it is a good companion to the Little House series.