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    7 Non-Fiction Books for Morning Inspiration

    In the morning, I like to curl up in my favorite chair with some coffee and read a chapter of a non-fiction book. The chapter usually gives me something to reflect on throughout the day. Over time, I can look back and notice little shifts that have happened in my life as a result of the books I’ve chosen to read. This hasn’t always been the case. Novels have had my heart from childhood, and I didn’t spend much time on non-fiction. But as I entered my thirties (and I realized how little I knew about so many things) I made more time to read books written by wise, thoughtful…

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    Winter Wardrobe | Snow Boots

    A few months ago, I spent a decent chunk of time researching a wardrobe addition that not only needed to have form, but also function – a new pair of snow boots. In today’s post I wanted to share the pair of boots I ended up ordering (and loving) and how I narrowed down to the right pair for me. Having used these boots during a ski trip and while shoveling and walking our neighborhood in a recent winter storm, I can reliably tell you that these are great boots. To start, I should admit that a year ago, I ordered the wrong pair of boots. They were waterproof but…

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    Books to Cozy Up with this Winter

    A good book is a definite treat in the middle of the long winter months. One of my favorite ways to combat the winter blues is to have a ready stack of books to be read in my favorite spot with a blanket, lit candle, and hot drink. Today’s post is a compilation of some of my favorite books for the winter months ahead. Fiction & non-fiction are included, but mostly I’m drawn towards fiction and finding solace in well told stories. Also, by no means is this a list of new releases. Often it takes me months or years to get to a best seller, so these are just…

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    Recent Amazon Finds

    I’ve rounded up some recent discoveries on Amazon for you, including baby gear, fancy cocktail garnishes, and a simple solution for dry skin. There’s still time for last minute orders to make it in time for Christmas. Feel free to use my shop pages for instant gift ideas for anyone left on your list! If you need a few more options, my blog post 50 Gifts Under $30 is full of quick ship ideas for kids, men & women. ….. A magnetic travel chess board is a great universal gift, and this one has 4,000 five-star reviews. We own and love these shatter-proof plastic hobnail glasses – perfect for kids…

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    Warm & Spicy Gingersnaps

    Today’s recipe for homemade gingersnaps has become a recent favorite with everyone in our family, and it is absolutely perfect for making your house smell cozy and cinnamon-y. The dough is quick to pull together. I can even hand-mix it rather than using my mixer and within 20 minutes cookies are coming out of the oven! I’m so happy to share this one with you all, and hope you can make a batch or two this holiday season. Gingersnap Cookies 1 c. brown sugar 3/4 c. canola or vegetable oil 1/4 c. molasses 1 egg 2 c. flour 2 t. baking soda 1 t. cinnamon 1 t. ginger 1/2 t.…

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    Closet Hero: Ankle Boots

    Winter is near, and nature is beginning to settle in and quiet for the approaching cold. Living in the Midwest with four distinct seasons and the temperature swings that go along with it, I’ve learned the importance of choosing clothes wisely. It’s not enough to just be the right look, the function and materials have to make sense as well. Spend one winter wearing cheap imitation leather boots, feeling the cold breeze right through and the slush seep through the seams, and you’ll quickly switch to finding the best quality winter gear within your budget. With winter’s arrival, I find myself wearing a very cozy uniform most days. A sweater…

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    Stocking Stuffers: 50 Gifts Under $30!

    It’s time for the most popular post of all my annual gift guides! Below you’ll find 50 quality gift ideas under $30 for women, men and kids! There is definitely something for everyone here, and I hope this guide helps you check off anyone remaining on your shopping list. Creating gift guides is one of my favorite parts of the holidays, and I end up using them to shop for my loved ones as well. Most of these options are small enough to be stocking stuffers, and are designed to be used for months and years to come (rather than the stocking stuffers that end up in the trash by the end…

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    2021 Gift Guide for Him

    So excited about this year’s list for guys! Maybe it is the fact that Zach just gave me some really good ideas of things on his wish list, or maybe it’s just that I’m feeling super grateful for the guys in my life – my amazing husband, dad, brothers and just think they deserve the world. This guide is curated with quality gifts that men will actually be thrilled to unwrap and use in the months ahead. Nine Excellent Gifts for Men 1 // MARSHALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER We loved using this Marshall bluetooth speaker during our stay at Soho House & the reviews don’t lie. (This is what I’m giving…

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