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5 Ways to Make Your Closet More “You”

Recently, I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning and decluttering as we change seasons, and I realized there are a few subtle shifts I’ve made in my closet to make it feel more “me.” Clothes are one way we can choose to express ourselves and that can be really fun and freeing.

However, I think we have all had days when we ended up wearing an outfit that just felt off. While going about the day, the discomfort of wearing something that didn’t fit or feel good can be draining. I know I have tried out more than a few trends that ended up wearing me – instead of the other way around.

So, in today’s post I want to share some simple ways to filter out the pieces that aren’t your style so you can get dressed in the morning with ease and quickly find an outfit you feel great in.

Choose Comfort

One big reason I am so happy with my closet now, is that everything feels good. Gone are the days of suffering for fashion – or even enduring anything too tight or scratchy or ill-fitting because of how much it cost. I no longer wear heels or button-down shirts or stiff jackets. I chose to let those things go.

Narrow Your Colors

Using a narrow color palette was one of the first big edits I made after having babies, but it continues to inform how I think about my closet and any future purchases. By limiting myself to the colors I love, my closet looks more uniform (more like “me”). It is also easier to combine and layer clothes together. My favorite colors continue to be blue, white, black, tan, and green. Yours don’t have to be the same as mine, so try to pick out your 5 favorite colors and work from there.

Test Drive Your Maybe Pile

Maybe you have been in this decluttering situation: You have a pile of clothes you will definitely keep, a pile you can definitely get rid of, and then lurking in the middle is a pile of perfectly decent “maybes.” These aren’t your favorites, but you spent money on them…. or you could wear them…. or you sometimes grab them when other things are dirty…. or you have never worn them but they were a good deal. You know the ones I’m talking about.

These pieces are absolutely cluttering up your wardrobe and keeping it from being exactly “you.” My best advice for dealing with this pile is to systematically start wearing those pieces for a full day or even several hours. By the end of the day, you will know whether each piece should be kept or donated.

Pay Attention to What You Don’t Like

I have learned that I don’t like to wear dresses in the fall or winter, because I find tights uncomfortable and fussy. In the summer, I don’t like to wear t-shirts on hot, humid days, but prefer tank tops. I don’t like to wear many synthetic fabrics. After trying 3 different pairs of white jeans, I finally realized they aren’t my thing. If I am just going to be home during the day, I’d rather wear soft loungewear than jeans. All of these preferences are personal. By paying attention to your own preferences, you can begin to tailor your wardrobe to fit your exact needs.

Shop for Your Lifestyle

Up until now, we have been talking mostly about ways to remove the wrong pieces from your existing wardrobe, but what about when you are ready to add something new? The most helpful shift I have made when I think about my shopping list and purchases, is to consider my actual lifestyle. I currently have a very casual life. My time is spent mostly with my kids, exercising, and running simple errands. Occasionally I get a little more dressed up for church or a dinner out, but even these places are not overly fancy. By choosing to invest in well made clothing that is casual, I get so much more use and enjoyment out of my wardrobe. Consider your lifestyle and shop accordingly.


Take a few minutes and look around your closet with a curious eye. What items are you hanging on to that don’t really fit your style? What pieces are a “maybe” that you need to try out for a day to see if you want to hang onto them? What don’t you like to wear? I’d love to know!

Lindsey is an Indiana-based blogger who writes about everyday style and simplicity. She loves pizza, yoga, novels, and a great pair of jeans.


  • Brita

    I love this post! I love bright colors, but whenever I wore them something felt off. After a lot of trial and error, I realized that I love COLOR, but not PATTERN. Then, click! As soon as I stopped trying to make big florals and fun animal prints work, I realized a plain pink tee shirt was just right :)

  • Lauren

    Such good tips! I’ve been making more of my tops lately because I am particular about length and I love prints, which are easier to find in fabrics than in already made clothing.

    I can’t get on board with many trends. Maybe it’s an age thing. But more and more of what everyone’s wearing just looks odd or overdone to me. It’s freeing to stick to what I’ve spent years learning I love and not have to keep up with what’s current.